At an early age, Danny knew 3 things:  he wanted to work with his hands; he wanted to own his own business; he wanted to make people happy.  CapTex Construction is the realization of all three of those goals.

CapTex’s primary reason for being is simple--to put our customers in the home of their dreams.  There is no greater satisfaction than seeing a family move into the home we have built for them, having satisfied their wildest dreams.

What sets CapTex apart?  We truly partner with our clients, many of whom become our friends.  There are two things that we believe separates us from other builders:

  • Speed.  We know you are in transition--living with in-laws, renting across town, storing half your things--and we want you in your home as quick as we can.  It’s not uncommon to show up at your job site and find 12 people working on your house.  Our teams work six (and sometimes seven) days a week, and because of our long history in Austin, we’ve developed amazing relationships with our tradespeople that allows that speed.

  • Transparency. Most builders bid your job, give you budget allowances for selections, and then work everyday to make each phase of the job come under budget--thereby increasing their profit. We don’t believe that makes sense.  CapTex partners with our clients, every step of the way.  Every line item, from demolition and framing to final paint and cleaning is reviewed with you, every step of the way.  If something comes in under our estimate, that savings goes back you to--not to us.  If an issue comes up, we discuss it before proceeding.