Native Austinite Danny Spears literally grew up in the construction industry in Austin.  At 15, he worked on a framing crew for a local builder and the following year he was working for a Rock Mason.  Over the course of his career in Austin, he has built everything from 200-unit condo buildings to 8,000 sq/ft single family residences.  In total, he has overseen the construction of hundreds of homes in and around Austin.  As he surveys the changing landscape of this great city we all come home, he takes great pride in seeing his projects scattered all over town.   

In 2008, he started GreenLight Energy services with two partners to focus on the growing commercial industry, focusing on energy-efficient lighting and wiring in large commercial facilities. This was his first foray into running his own business, and lit his fire to start his own residential construction company.

Danny is passionate about his work and career.  But at his core he’s a family man. Danny resides in Buda TX where he enjoys family time, and bragging about his four children.